Monday, July 27, 2009


Yeah, that's right I said it!!! People, hide the kids, cover their ears, do something because we're not just talking about a vacation here....we're talking about one with free food.

Grub at no cost.

Munchies for no monies.

Snacks without smackers

Ok, that got lame quickly. (See below)

A pic of dessert to get you all stirred up:

If you're staying for three nights or more at a Disney Value Resort you'll get the Quick Service dining plan for FREE. F-R-E-E FOOD!!! You must be staying between September 29th and December 17th (Turkey Day excluded...c'mon now, people). There is LOTS of information to be had but you're a LOT better off getting it from one of the awesome agents at The Magic for Less Travel.............. the link to the right!!!

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