Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vinylmation Sneak Peek!!!

Well kids, this will be a short one but that’s ok. This blog is MUCH more about the pictures than the writing. We talked about those cute little Vinylmation guys not too long ago. As the wildly popular first series comes to a close we’ve been able to get some pictures of the series to come.

Urban Series #1 is a collection of 12 individual 3” figures and four 9”. The collection is extremely varied in style and features the upside-down and Dragon Mickeys that are shown in the current Vinylmation pin series. Don’t miss the 9” figure of Mickey emerging from a suit that says “Mortimer”. Remember, that was the original name that Walt gave him after his initial sketches before Lily suggested that it wasn’t the best name and they eventually settled on Mickey. Very, very cool!!!

Park Series #2 has lots of good stuff. We’re particularly fond of the 9” Incredibles and “Mine” figures!!!

Urban Series #2 is just as varied as the first. The solar system and penny arcade 3” figures are some of the highlights although that 9” piggy with the egg on his tummy kinda freaks me out.

Last but not least is the awesome Holiday Series #1. How can you not love the snowman and Christmas Tree Mickeys, not to mention the 9” turkey Mickey!!!

Take note that all of these posters have a disclaimer that the artwork is subject to change. We don’t have any hard dates on the release of the upcoming series other than Urban Series #1 has an apparent date for some time in March. We’ll keep you posted as we find out more so start saving your money now!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure!!!

It seems like some of the people I talk to tend to say that their kids just can’t get into Epcot. Sure, everyone wants to ride Mission Space, Soarin’ and Test Track but apparently some just have a hard time getting into the World Showcase.

Well, you can forget that problem.

Not too long ago, Disney introduced “Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure.” Now you and your family can join Team Possible to bring down villains that have invaded the World Showcase!

Before you ask, this interactive experience is completely FREE and you only need your park ticket to sign up. No deposits are even necessary.

Find any of the Team Possible kiosks at the International Gateway, Italy, Norway or entering the World Showcase from Future World and sign up for your mission. You’ll be given a ticket that looks something like a Fastpass that will tell you where and when to report to receive your mission. Once you report, you’ll receive your Kimmunicator which will be your lifeline to the rest of Team Possible. It enables you to receive directions and clues as well as activate hidden, interactive clues. Through animated instructions on your Kimmunicator screen, Wade will tell you how to use it and then direct you to the country where your mission will take place.

From here is where the REAL fun starts. And I do mean fun. Even if you don’t have children, this is a blast and my wife and I saw lots and lots of people partaking in the fun who were well above voting/drinking age. ; )

Wade and the other members of Team Possible will guide you through your mission, directing you to different areas where you will unlock clues, give secret code phrases to Cast Members and track down villains. There are seven different missions and each takes place completely within one country, taking around twenty to thirty minutes. If you’re running low on time and want to finish early, just use the “Help” function to get some extra clues and speed things along.

I really can’t say enough good things about this. Trust me, you should try it out. Oh, and by the way, I make a seriously dapper secret agent. : p

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Will You Celebrate?

Guess what, people? It’s my birthday!!! Woohooooo!!! Yes, I’m intolerable on my birthday. You don’t care that it’s my happy day though (although you SHOULD!). Now is a great time though to talk about celebrating in the happiest place on earth.

This year, more than ever, Disney is encouraging us all to celebrate with them with their theme for 2009: “What Will You Celebrate?” Well, what is it? Is it your birthday? Anniversary? Engangement? Wedding?!?!? C’mon guys there is always something to celebrate and there is NO better place to do it. Last year I was lucky enough to celebrate my 30th birthday with my wife, friends and my parents even showed up to surprise me. I couldn’t have thought of a more perfect way to celebrate.

But, where do you start? The task can certainly seem daunting but don’t let it intimidate you. One of the greatest things about this year’s promotion is that Disney is letting anyone visiting on their birthday do so for FREE!!! Did you wake back up? Good. Yes, I did say “free”. For 2009, anyone visiting on their birthday will be (with appropriate documentation and id) given a one day base ticket good only for that day. Already have an annual pass? If you do, you’ll be able to choose from the following:

• A birthday FASTPASS® exchange card for a certain number of attractions at the Theme Park you visit on your birthday.
• A birthday fun card in an amount equal to the price of a 1-day Magic Your Way base ticket for you to use for certain purchases including select merchandise, recreation or tour experiences, or for Disney's PhotoPass® on-site services at participating locations at Walt Disney World® Resort; or
• A 1-day Magic Your Way base ticket for you to use any time until your next birthday.

People, we’re talking about free stuff here. Period. Case closed. That should be enough for most of you! Of course there is more though. If you’re celebrating an occasion with a special dinner and would like a cake you have two options. Most table-service restaurants will have six inch chocolate or vanilla cakes that are available with no notice, just let them know that you’re interested when you arrive. If you prefer a custom cake (like the one in the pictures) Disney even has a Cake Hotline. Simply call 407-824-2474 and follow the voice prompts and you’re on your way to ordering a cake for almost any occasion. If you prefer a custom dessert instead of just cake you can call the same number and they’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Want some party favors? If you’re eating at a buffet restaurant or a character meal you can order a goodie bag with a party hat, game, coloring book and crayons. Want to up the ante? You can upgrade to the deluxe party pack which includes everything mentioned plus a magnet, Mickey straw and a celebration tote.

Not worried about how much you’re spending? You can go to and choose from a number of different options for almost any occasion. They aren’t cheap but they have a host of fun and/or romantic touches that can add even more magic to your vacation.

There are great little things you can do that don’t cost anything too. Stop by Guest Relations or Guest Services in any park and you can get a birthday button (NOT my handwriting!), a “1st Visit” button, or even just a celebration button to let everyone know what it’s a special time for you and your family!

Obviously the list of things you can do to celebrate goes on and on. Hopefully we’ve given you a taste of the wonderful things you can do in almost any price range to help you have a magical memory for whatever your special occasion is. So, what will you celebrate?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vinylmation - How to Get Robbed by a 3" Mickey

Have you ever heard the term “Disneyana”? It’s basically the term that sums up all things Disney and is particularly used to refer to Disney collectibles. Think I’m making this up? Go to Ebay and look. There is a Disneyana section and there is a LOT of stuff in there. Trust me, there are many, many kindred freaks just like us! In mid December of 2008, Disney made an amazingly successful addition to that end and they’re called Vinylmation.

The first series of the Vinylmation collection was released and almost immediately began selling out. During our Christmas trip we experienced stock-outs in the gallery stores throughout the different parks. Vinylmations are 3” tall Mickey-shaped PVC figures that are painted to resemble different characters or icons throughout the Disney universe.

Series #1 includes:

- Teacup
- Electric Light Parade
- “Sour” Apple
- Figment
- Kermit
- SMRT-1
- Sorcerer
- Monorail Red
- Yeti
- Fireworks
- Haunted Mansion aka “Creepy Eyes”
- Balloon Chaser

The Vinylmation figures are $10 each and are sold in “blind” packaging. That means that you buy a box and the figure is sealed in a foil package. You don’t know which one you got until you pay and open them up and no, there are no exchanges, returns or refunds (it’s even printed on the foil!). People, let me tell you, this is a QUICK way to spend some money. There are twelve different figures in the first series and we came home from our Holiday trip with thirty-nine of them! Yeah, I got jacked by a three-inch-tall inanimate figure and I’m not ashamed to admit it (and cry about it).

But hey, you can’t take it with you can ya? We had a lot of fun opening each of these little guys. It truly did become a game of: Which one to choose? Who should choose this time? Did we already get him? And we ultimately had to carry a little list around. Is it a quick way to kill a lot of cash? Yes. Was it a blast? Of course!!!