Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Year's Eve at WDW

Up to this point, we’ve left out a huge part of the holiday season, New Year’s Eve. It’s hard to decorate for New Year’s Eve but Disney more than makes up for it with fireworks and celebrations both on the actual day and the days leading up to it.

This year’s New Year’s Eve festivities include:

Magic Kingdom:
- Holiday Wishes at 8:30pm
- Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks at 11:50pm

- Special NYE Illuminations at 11:40pm

Disney’s Hollywood Studios
- Lights! Camera! Happy New Year! Fireworks at 11:50pm

Bringing in the New Year at any WDW park is an awesome experience and we can’t recommend it enough. Be warned though, as we’ve mentioned before regarding the holidays it will be very, VERY crowded. We recommend that you find your perfect spot for the fireworks at least an hour early and hunker down while you wait for the fun. It’s a sure thing that wherever you are in the park, you’ll be surrounded by several thousand of your closest friends and you’re likely to be shoulder-to-shoulder with them (last year I turned to my wife and, referring to the guy next to me said “I think he and I are dating now.”).

Don’t let the crowds discourage you though as there is so much to enjoy! The fireworks and fun and just the general atmosphere is something that defies explanation. Listening to everyone count down as those numerical fireworks explode in the sky is something that you just can’t imagine until you’ve seen it. Like anything, Disney does all the work and does it right, all you have to do is get there and have fun!!!

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