Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wild Christmas

We’ve shown how amazing it can be to visit some of the WDW resorts during the holidays. From huge Christmas trees to small details that fit a resort’s theme, everywhere you look is something that will get you into the holiday spirit. Walking into Animal Kingdom Lodge is an amazing moment no matter how many times you’ve done it. Coming through the second set of doors you are greeted by an almost blinding blast of light from the all-glass back wall. As your eyes slowly adjust you can make out the wonder that’s before you. During the holidays, there is one, enormous silhouette rising up through the middle of that light and it’s strung with large, African-inspired ornaments.

The Lodge differs a bit from other Disney resorts during the holidays. There won’t be any huge red bows, Santa on his sleigh or anything that will jump up and smack you with a “Merry Christmas” but the holiday spirit is still there. That’s the real fun though, isn’t it? There are lost of things related to Disney that we either know are there or know must be there. The fun is finding those things! True, you’d be hard pressed NOT to find that tree but take a look around. You may be surprised what else you find!

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