Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vinylmation - How to Get Robbed by a 3" Mickey

Have you ever heard the term “Disneyana”? It’s basically the term that sums up all things Disney and is particularly used to refer to Disney collectibles. Think I’m making this up? Go to Ebay and look. There is a Disneyana section and there is a LOT of stuff in there. Trust me, there are many, many kindred freaks just like us! In mid December of 2008, Disney made an amazingly successful addition to that end and they’re called Vinylmation.

The first series of the Vinylmation collection was released and almost immediately began selling out. During our Christmas trip we experienced stock-outs in the gallery stores throughout the different parks. Vinylmations are 3” tall Mickey-shaped PVC figures that are painted to resemble different characters or icons throughout the Disney universe.

Series #1 includes:

- Teacup
- Electric Light Parade
- “Sour” Apple
- Figment
- Kermit
- SMRT-1
- Sorcerer
- Monorail Red
- Yeti
- Fireworks
- Haunted Mansion aka “Creepy Eyes”
- Balloon Chaser

The Vinylmation figures are $10 each and are sold in “blind” packaging. That means that you buy a box and the figure is sealed in a foil package. You don’t know which one you got until you pay and open them up and no, there are no exchanges, returns or refunds (it’s even printed on the foil!). People, let me tell you, this is a QUICK way to spend some money. There are twelve different figures in the first series and we came home from our Holiday trip with thirty-nine of them! Yeah, I got jacked by a three-inch-tall inanimate figure and I’m not ashamed to admit it (and cry about it).

But hey, you can’t take it with you can ya? We had a lot of fun opening each of these little guys. It truly did become a game of: Which one to choose? Who should choose this time? Did we already get him? And we ultimately had to carry a little list around. Is it a quick way to kill a lot of cash? Yes. Was it a blast? Of course!!!

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