Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vinylmation Sneak Peek!!!

Well kids, this will be a short one but that’s ok. This blog is MUCH more about the pictures than the writing. We talked about those cute little Vinylmation guys not too long ago. As the wildly popular first series comes to a close we’ve been able to get some pictures of the series to come.

Urban Series #1 is a collection of 12 individual 3” figures and four 9”. The collection is extremely varied in style and features the upside-down and Dragon Mickeys that are shown in the current Vinylmation pin series. Don’t miss the 9” figure of Mickey emerging from a suit that says “Mortimer”. Remember, that was the original name that Walt gave him after his initial sketches before Lily suggested that it wasn’t the best name and they eventually settled on Mickey. Very, very cool!!!

Park Series #2 has lots of good stuff. We’re particularly fond of the 9” Incredibles and “Mine” figures!!!

Urban Series #2 is just as varied as the first. The solar system and penny arcade 3” figures are some of the highlights although that 9” piggy with the egg on his tummy kinda freaks me out.

Last but not least is the awesome Holiday Series #1. How can you not love the snowman and Christmas Tree Mickeys, not to mention the 9” turkey Mickey!!!

Take note that all of these posters have a disclaimer that the artwork is subject to change. We don’t have any hard dates on the release of the upcoming series other than Urban Series #1 has an apparent date for some time in March. We’ll keep you posted as we find out more so start saving your money now!!!

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Vinyl_Guy said...

These pics are great! I was wondering where they were taken? Especially the Urban 1 poster?