Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Christmas Castle

Cinderella Castle; we know it, we love it and it’s the first thing that most of us associate with the Magic Kingdom if not WDW in general. But, for those of us who might not have ever been to WDW during the holidays, what happens to transform the most magical place on earth into a winter wonderland?

Well, the quick answer is “Far too much to type in one blog.” but one of the biggest transformations happens on the very face of Cinderella Castle itself. Beginning in 2007, WDW turned our favorite castle into a spectacle of twinkling, winter magic. Before many of us began to even think of Christmas presents, big dinners or whether or not Aunt Edna’s cat would get into the Jell-o again this year, crews in the Magic Kingdom began to painstakingly install some 200,000 LED lights. Across the turrets, walls and entire façade of our favorite castle, an ice palace of epic proportions began to take shape for all to see.

Click below for a slideshow of Cinderella Castle at Christmas time!!!


Disney’s “Castle Dream Lights” bring an amazing blue glow to the sky each night beginning in late November and lasting through the Holiday Season. What does it take to light up an entire castle? A lot, including….

• Five weeks and 65 elves
• Two pretty big cranes
• 15 miles of cable
• 32,000 square feet of fishing nets
• 200,000 energy-efficient LEDs
• 500 strobes

The castle lights up during each of these nights during a short show that is narrated by some of our favorite Disney characters. Over the course of a few minutes, the most well-known castle in the entire world becomes a twinkling, blinking, mesmerizing sight that you’ll never forget. Of course, this is just one of many reasons to make a trip to WDW during the holidays. Keep checking back and we’ll keep telling you about more as we get closer to the holidays!!!

Click below for a video of the Magic Kingdom's Christmas "Kiss Goodnight"!

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