Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Christmas Day Parade, a.k.a. "My Butt is Numb"

So, it’s Christmas day and we’re all together as one big, happy, Disney-obsessed family. Now, where are Regis and Kelly? The short answer is, they’re at home with their families. So many people travel to WDW each year and stake their claim for the perfect parade spot, hoping to catch a glimpse of their two favorite morning people as they host the Christmas Day parade. What many don’t realize is that the parade that you watch at home on Christmas Day was shot about two and a half weeks earlier. Sorry folks, no Disney Regis for Christmas.

But, come on!!! It’s Christmas day and you’re in the MAGIC KINGDOM for goodness sakes! Let’s have a little decorum and be glad that we’re here. The parade that takes place on Christmas day, “Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade” is still about as magical as it gets. It’s essentially the same parade that takes place during each night of “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party” (we’ll get to that soon) and it is amazing. In addition to the cast of characters that we’ve come to expect and almost demand from a Disney parade, there are some extra-special characters. From Scrooge McDuck to the gang of reindeer to a complete band (yes, BAND) of Toy Soldiers there are some essential and magical additions to the Christmas parade. I might be leaving someone out of there but you’ll just have to come see the parade for yourself (or check out the pictures) to see who!

Let’s get back to staking your claim for that perfect spot. Many of us have had the experience of sitting on the curb thirty minutes before a parade to get a good, unobstructed spot but you’ll need a little more than that for the Christmas Day parade. Would you believe………two hours? No, sadly I’m not kidding and that’s why this blog is so aptly titled. Many of your extremities WILL be numb by the time you hear the distant beginnings of parade music, rounding the bend that you can barely see from your carefully-carved seat in the pavement. I assure you though, the minute that the beginning of the floats and characters gets to you and the Christmas spirit takes hold, you’ll be hooked. Or it may just take that moment when you see the look in your child’s eyes for it to all be worth it and that dead-leg syndrome will be a distant memory, soon replaced by some much better, much more magical Disney Christmas memories!

Click below for a slideshow of Christmas Day Parade pictures!!!

Christmas Parade Walt Disney World December 2007

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Anonymous said...

I will begin practicing sitting on curbs NOW, so that my butt will hopefully be less numb when "Our" Disney Family gets together at Christmas!!