Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Osborne Family Spectacle of Many, Many, Blinking LIGHTS!!!

In 1986, Jennings and Mitzi Osborne’s daughter, Breezy asked her parents to decorate their home in Christmas lights. Eighteen years, three million lights and a $10,000 fine later, the display could no longer continue in their home town of Little Rock, Arkansas. Osborne had violated his court-ordered light schedule for a family that had arrived a little too late in the evening to see the lights and that was the end…until Disney heard of the plight of Mr. Osborne and his lights. Flash forward one year to 1995, when the Osborne Family Lights found their new home on “Residential Street” in Disney’s MGM Studios. It is a display that takes Disney’s crew several months to put up each year.

To name a few things included in or required of this MASSIVE display:

- 30,000 lights on a giant, red canopy
- 800,000 watts of electricity
- 80,000 lights on a 70 foot Christmas tree
- Over 1,500 dimmable relay circuits (to make ‘em dance)
- 110 angels
- 33 snow machines using 100 gallons of liquid “snow” each evening

Click below for a slideshow of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights


Since their arrival almost thirteen years ago, the lights have thrilled millions of visitors to the Studios each year. From late November through early January, the lights begin at dusk and continue until closing. There have been several variations over the years from the introduction of some very bizarre glasses that made each light appear to be an angel (uh, yeah and they danced if you rocked your head back and forth too……) to their current incarnation as “dancing” lights. The displays are now choreographed to blink, fade and twinkle with some of our favorite Christmas songs. From old favorites like “Jingle Bell Rock” to newer ones such as “Christmas Eve in Sarajevo” the lights put on a show that can’t be beat.

Combine the dancing aspect with the already amazing display and throw in a little Disney “snow” and you have a winter wonderland smack in the middle of Florida. Trust me; it’s a sight you need to see to truly appreciate!

Click below to see the lights DANCE!!!

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