Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas in the Wilderness

When it comes to the “Wow” factor of a lobby, you can’t get any better than walking through the doors into the Wilderness Lodge. The immense lobby is breathtaking and something that every Disney fan should experience at least once. When you couple its awesomeness with the Holiday Season though, it takes things to a whole new level. Trust me, you haven’t experienced Christmas quite like this anywhere else. The lodge is known for its rustic décor and the Christmas decorations that adorn it during the holidays are no exception. The tree is enormous….so enormous in fact that it’s hard to fit it into frame when taking a picture! You think it stinks cleaning up after your tree, imagine dragging this bad boy through the front doors!

But don’t just look at the size of the tree, take a few steps in and start checking out the decorations. Just like anything with Disney, they are themed to their surroundings too!

From the awe-inspiring tree to the smaller ones surrounding the lodge and even the wreath above the fireplace the holiday spirit is everywhere for you to enjoy! We all love the parks and the decorations are amazing but don't forget to spend some time checking things out resorts like the Wilderness Lodge too. You'll be glad you did!!!

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