Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas on the Beach

Well, we’ve talked about how grand the Grand can be during the holidays and how rustic and beautiful it is to spend Christmas in the Wilderness but what about the beach? Of course, by this we mean the Beach Club and its sister resort the Yacht Club. As with those we've already talked about, the amazing Christmas trees are plentiful in both of these resorts and are themed appropriately as well. We’re finally able though to talk about one of the things that draws people to some of Disney’s Deluxe resorts during the holidays: food. But no, we aren’t talking about food that you can buy or eat (at least without being arrested ; ) we are, of course, talking about the legendary edible displays.

Each year, WDW puts up an enormous and amazing carousel for the lobby of the Beach Club. This isn’t a normal carousel either boys and girls but one made entirely of edible ingredients. The culinary wizards of the Disney world slave to build this wondrous creation that consists of:

35 lbs. of honey
96 lbs. of bread flour
100 pints of eggs
10 lbs. of different spices
10 quarts of syrup
100 lbs. of icing
50 lbs. of dark chocolate
10 quarts of egg whites
100 lbs. of confectioners sugar

Naturally, the most fun thing about the carousel is the seven Hidden Mickeys that can be found in, on and around it. Make sure to stop by and see how many you can find!!!

This brings us to the Yacht Club. During the holiday season the Yacht Club sports a gigantic, beautiful miniature railroad that is crafted by the Disney team as well. The display is extremely detailed and a lot of fun for both railroad enthusiasts and children of all ages to enjoy and explore. Trust us, it’s easy to lose yourself and realize that you’ve spent thirty minutes or even an hour making slow circles around this tiny town as you keep discovering new things (look for tiny signs for the different shops in the hotel!).

So where should we go next to look at decorations? I guess you’ll just have to join us next Sunday to see!!!

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