Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Very GRAND Holiday!!!

One of the best things about Christmas is, of course, decorating! No one likes dragging and heaving all of those boxes out of the attic, basement or closet but we do it because the end result is just so awesome! As we’ve talked about before, when Disney does something, they do it right. Holiday decorations at the different resorts throughout WDW property are no exception. We’ll touch on several resorts as we make our way towards Christmas but we’ll start with one of our favorites: The Grand Floridian. The Grand is one of Disney’s flagship resorts with its deluxe accommodations and gorgeous Victorian theme. In true Disney style, holiday transformations happen overnight in most cases. As you walk into the Grand during the holidays you’ll be greeted with two larger-than-life decorations, the tree and the gingerbread house.

During the holidays, the Grand Floridian features a 50 foot Christmas tree that is befitting its large, grandiose lobby. This tree will consume you from the moment that you walk into the lobby and for good reason; it’s H-U-G-E!!! Remember kids, this enormous tree goes up overnight. Those staying in the resort wake up one morning and it’s just THERE! Not far from the “Tree of Wonders” (my name, not Disney’s ; ) is the legendary gingerbread house. This gingerbread house is life-sized and serves as a retail shop selling gingerbread cookies and much smaller, portable (as in take ‘em to your room and demolish them) gingerbread houses!

The 10,000 pieces of gingerbread used to build the house are made from:

- 1,050 lbs. honey
- 600 lbs. powdered sugar
- 35 lbs. spices
- 800 lbs. flour
- 140 pints egg whites
- 180 lbs. apricot glaze

There are SO many more amazing decorations and displays that go up every year at WDW and we’ll get to them soon enough. For now though, check out some of our pictures of the gorgeousness of the Grand Floridian during the holidays!!!

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